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Origin & success story:

Change is near, we are here!

B-Dream is all about dreaming to achieve. Its existence in the society is for the rural welfare and development with an innovative and eco-friendly approach for the society. For this, B-Dream has developed an innovative product which is very much essential in this era of poverty, where India being still a developing nation, with the help of this material it can make a huge difference.

The company manufactures bricks (called P-block brick) which is composed of industrial waste from paper mills as a major component for the raw materials. The other wastes utilized by the company comprises of that from textile, aluminum and steel industries. When these wastes were just dumped as landfills, our company has found its optimum use which can lead to a large difference to the society as well as the builders. They significantly play an essential part in the composition of the end product and its sturdiness.

The P-block brick is very economical and has the potential to substantially decrease the cost of their construction and make housing and sanitation accessible to millions of needy people in India and abroad. This can be very helpful in the development of infrastructure with the help of Industrial waste management. P-blocks have high compressive strength, low water absorbance, fire resistant and thermal insulant.


B-Dream is based in Valsad, Gujarat and is run by Mr. Binish Desai, who has invented this revolutionary component. With the help of extensive research and experiments, he has found this product that can be very much helpful over the coming years.

He has shown his keen interest towards this invention from the age of 11, and got it patented when he was 16, which has now turned out to be an efficient outcome for him and for the society as well. B-Dream’s innovative P-block brick is made from B-Dream Ecodial, a material invented by Mr. Binish Desai. The same material can be used for mortar and plastering as well. This product can be a beneficial substitute of cement in the building process that can save time and money along with its uniqueness.

The brick industry in India is highly potential and has an annual production of about 240 billion bricks. India is the second largest brick producer globally after China. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (‘AAC’) block is a widely used substitute of red clay bricks. The brick industry in India is currently plagued with inefficient manufacturing process (in case of red bricks) and high cost (fly ash bricks, AAC etc). In this scenario, the P-block brick aims to be the most feasible alternative for the clay bricks at a cheaper rate and much more.


The P-block bricks of B-Dream are double the size of the normal red brick but are priced lower than that of the red bricks. B-Dream proposes to sell its bricks to various Government Agencies, Corporates and to entities engaged in the construction of low cost housing and toilets. The company proves to be a major supplier of bricks for the development of rural infrastructure based on its relationship with various District Rural Development Agencies, which will support various schemes of development as well as work in benefit of the Environment in this age of Global Warming.


B-Dream is currently engaged in constructing toilets (‘referred to as ‘B-Dream Sauchalaya’) to address the sanitation issue as a part of the Clean India Mission. The 2011 Census has recorded that about 113 million households in rural areas and about 14 million households in urban areas have no access to toilets .According to data released by the National Sample Survey Office from a survey conducted in 2012, only 32 percent of rural households have their own toilets and less than half of Indian households have a toilet at home, which is a major issue in regard to health and wellness of the society contributing to the development of the nation as a whole.

B-Dream also provides Ecordial kits for Swachh bharat Abhiyan, which are easy to construct and mobile.


B-Dream Sauchalaya

Star _ 3 x 6 Foot _ 03

It is the answer to the sanitation issue in India and a key player in constructing toilets as a part of Clean India Mission. The B-Dream Sauchalaya is a ‘Pukka’ toilet made of P-block bricks and can be compared with the other toilets made out from various components. A small team of B-Dream (about 4-6 people) can construct one toilet in a day. The low cost and rapid construction of B-Dream Sauchalaya has the potential to make sanitation accessible to all. It ranges from 13,000 – 15,000 INR for constructing one toilet.  B-Dream has already got orders to construct about 2,500 toilets in rural Gujarat.



BDream’s Vision Statement

Make access to sanitation facility in India by bringing awareness and its vitality to the people. That leads to safer and disease free environment leading to development of rural infrastructure with the adequate utilization of Industrial waste management.

BDream’s Mission Statement

Be an efficient contributor in eradicating the housing and sanitation issue in India and around the world by providing the Co.’s innovative product range composed of eco-friendly elements, ensuring best quality and affordable prices.



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